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I am a high school Administrator with Peel District School Board. I want to help educators develop an understanding of the changing world in which our students live and the impact this is and will be having on the style of education we provide.

My alias, @vptechnodork, was created to help ease staff into the wonderful world of social media.  The name choice was to bring some levity and humour into professional learning as we were about to start the journey into web 2.0 and the impacts this would have on education.  It worked, staff loved it and it has stuck.  So @vptechnodork it is!

In order for our style of education to meet the learning needs of our students, we as educators and activators must start to use the tools of web 2.0 to help our students - collaborate, connect, create, curate, be creative, think critically and active and thoughtful learners.

I am currently the Vice Principal of Peel Alternative School and want to further investigate the impact technology can have with at risk students.

I am also interested in the impact web 2.0 can have on administrators and how we can harness the power of social networking tools and cloud apps to personalize our experience, to use information across multiple platforms and help us to digest the ever changing world we are living in.

Contact me on twitter @vptechnodork and lets start collaborating toward harnessing the power of technology to deliver quality instruction for our students.

Check out my profile at about.me for more info.  https://about.me/greg.pearson
Also love canva.com.  Check out my profile page there for my collection of powerful images.

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