Sunday, 6 March 2016

Taking a drink from the waterfall

First and foremost I want to tell you I am writing this post from my phone.  I apologize for grammatical, spelling and writing errors in advance.  I just found some time to take a drink from the waterfall and I am using the closest tool I have.

I have recently just reconnected or plugged myself back in as a connected leader.  I had taken a self imposed hiatus in order to manage the multitude of things that were going on both professionally and personally in my life.

While my public connectedness had gone quite it was the strong relationships that I had made as a connected leader that helped get me through and manage the workload.    Many emails and private DMs were still there, it was just the public sharing was muted for a bit. 

I stopped keeping track of all the resources that were being shared on Twitter, I had stopped reviewing flipboard (I still miss Zite) and I let my Feedly go quiet.  There is nothing wrong with unplugging folks, it is just another way to manage the waterfall of information, ideas and workflow we all have to contend with.

Really it was more of a pause then an unplug, as I was still connected and I still reached out when I needed to and asked for some favours and help from people who are part of my PLN.

It was important that I took that break as it allowed to me to focus and prioritize what I needed to do in order to support or board and school staff along with our school's students who need so much from us.  

It is important to note that I didn't fall behind, and yes I might have missed some great resources, my PLN kept me up-to-date and aware.  Many tweeps si sent links and messages that I would pop-up to see.  It was the early connections that I made that kept me going and connected even as I disconnected my public connectedness.  

I was amazed by some tweets and DMs asking how things were because they hadn't heard from me in awhile. It's amazing how those "impersonal", electronic, virtual connections still managed to turn into something so personal and real.

While u unplugged for a bit, I didn't turn off.  I just went into a slight sleep mode.  

Now we're ready to get back at'er.  

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